Jimmy tries for World Cup 2010 Trophy

Jimmy Jump invades yet again. He tried at last night’s World Cup 2010 Final. Looks like he was supporting the Netherlands?

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk


World Cup & Vuvuzela Effect

Thanks to the Fifa World Cup 2010, even my blog getting hit on… πŸ™‚ Most visits to my blog ever. Thanks Fifa!

Most searched word – Vuvuzela – not surprising at all!

Vuvuzela: “Make Noise Constantly!”


I am a proud South African, I love & support all South African sports teams, I love watching soccer but I hate the Vuvuzela. There’s one theory that the name of the Vuvuzela comes from the word “Vuvu” in Zulu meaning “Noise” and in addition the “Zela” meaning making noise constantly. Makes sense!

Would love to attend the 2010 World Cup matches next year, even if it’s just one of them but I just can’t stand that thing. I think it’s just too disruptive.It affects the elderly people and small children, it affects the commentary, hence the viewers are disturbed. It definately kills the soccer atmosphere.

Spain midfielder Xabi Alonso said: “I think they should be banned. They make it very difficult for the players to communicate with each other and to concentrate.”Β 

Ok so it does help Bafana Bafana on the field – Good Strategy! But I say Ban it Fifa, Ban it!

Well, maybe I am not a real South African Bafana Bafana fan… 😦