SalamBC and Facebook


This month we just made it more easy for you to create an account on Salam Business Club. Before it would have taken you less than 1 minute to sign-up. Now it’s even easier :)

If you have a Facebook account, you can now just sign-up or log in using Facebook. It takes less than 20 seconds. In the past couple of days more than 400 members signed up.

Click here to log-in or sign-up via Facebook!

Just our small way of making things easy for you to connect with other professionals around the world. Enjoy!


Ramadan Time

I have been missing for a few days I know, apologies. Been busy at work and in the evenings working on Salam Business Club. Also helping out with a new initiative – The Colab – exciting working with young, talented individuals.

Anyways, it’s Ramadan time. Yesterday I managed to view a diagram about Ramadan on Facebook – what you should do and shouldn’t. To be honest it’s misleading. Wish I knew who produced this diagram.

ramadanTo me or in my opinion – it seems like AFTER RAMADAN, it’s OK and acceptable to:

  • Not to lower your gaze at the opposite sex
  • Swear, Lie and Backbite
  • Commit Sins, Argue and Fight
  • Listen to Music
  • Smoke
  • Waste time on useless activities

Well it’s not. We should try to stay away from the above at all times, every day of every year.

And of course every day we should try:

  • And pray 5 times daily
  • Read the Quran
  • Study and Learn Beneficial Knowledge
  • Be in constant remembrance of God, the Almighty, and prayer
  • Give to charity when possible, anytime!

To all my Muslim readers and visitors. All the best for Ramadan πŸ™‚

Salam Business Club into Islamic Finance


Salam Business Club (SalamBC), the social business network built especially for the Arab, Asian and Muslim business world, and that recently launched versions in Arabic, Urdu and other languages (and soon in Persian), will be officially announcing an interesting new business development for their service in the upcoming days.

Through a partnership with the Institute for Islamic Finance and Banking (IFIBAF), they aim to be the first online destination to offer Islamic Finance and Banking products to its members.

The deal comes at a time when demand for Islamic financial products is really high and growing, both from Muslims as well as non-Muslims all around the world, yet this demand remains far from covered and satisfied by whatever offers currently exist in the market. And the current economic crisis is pushing even more people to consider Islamic finance and banking as a safer option, with a number of banks working on building up Islamic finance units.

The Islamic finance industry, which is still a nascent one, is currently estimated at $700 billion to $1 trillion in asset size, with a 15-20 percent annual growth rate.

The move by SalamBC to launch such products also comes upon the requests and feedback that they kept constantly getting through listening to their members.

With this deal, SalamBC brings its whole database of members from over 180 countries worldwide to the table, while the IFIBAF brings its long years of experience with Islamic finance and banking, as well as its extensive global network within the Islamic Banking Community, to offer together a central entry point to Shariah-compliant financial products for everyone interested.

Their initial focus for their offerings will be on the European market, as the demand there is largely unsatisfied, but they will be extending to the rest of the world soon after that, as they continue to finalize more partnerships and agreements around the world.

All the best Rias,Β  CEO & Co-founder of Salambc!