How China is Changing Your Internet


Internet Overtakes TV

TV vs Internet

TV vs Internet

Well it’s not surprising at all. Just read a report this morning according to Microsoft that Internet Consumption will outstrip Traditional TV in June 2010. Content and Communications Services (like email & social networking) represents 65% of all time spent online and Commerce represents the rest.

Surely this broadband revolution has led people to spend more time on the internet (home or work) than sitting in front of their TV’s. To me personally, over the past 18-24 months, have enjoyed the new applications, networks, internet start-ups,web service or even email (Gmail Labs).

Just this week  I have heard Facebook signing up their 200 Million subscriber. That’s massive! It’s all about access let alone speed of their connectivity. High School students now go online via their mobile phones. My cousin, age 9, received his cell phone last year.

Should we embrace it? Hell yes…

TV vs Internet Graph

TV vs Internet Graph

“The graph above shows that if current growth trends remain unchanged, Internet consumption could increase to 14.2 hours per week or 61.5 hours a month in 2010 against 11.5 hours for TV2. However, it also shows that as Internet penetration nears saturation, online consumption could see a marginal decline and this would lead to roughly equal TV and Internet hours of consumption by 20112 (11.5 hours per week for TV and 11.7 for the Internet). In this case, we would see the changeover from TV to the Internet as the most consumed form of media by the middle of 2011”

Email me for the full PDF report from Microsoft.