Technology is possibly the cigarette of this century


I’m back since February….Did not miss it but was trying to get rid of a bad habit.

The company that holds on to the monopoly of the mind, the habit, Wins!

I’m all for technology, gadgets and social media but I find that instead of embracing your life, focusing on your dreams, career & life goals. Instead of being super productive and present with your family – – – we so busy watching, commenting, liking and disliking the lives of other people.

Psychologists and founders of tech, social media companies are using this model of the HOOK to build these habits.

Technology is possibly the cigarette of this century. Meditation and being mindful is going to be one of the most important skills.

I see it with young graduates already. They struggling to spell (WTF), they find it difficult to focus and sometimes not even present.

Stop auto-complying with the tribe. Dare to do great things, live up to your true potential and surround yourself with positive people…

Keep well, Eid Mubarak!


Why I quit Facebook

Guest post by Zakiyya Cassimjee

A few weeks ago, a post appeared on my FB timeline from a friend about being productive without the app. So I decided to put this theory to the to the test and see whether it was true. With information coming at you in every direction ALL the time, I was start to feel a bit bombarded and overwhelmed and decided some spring cleaning was in order.


I used all my free time to ‘catch up’  and was  constantly checking what was happening and  when the notifications appeared , an OCD part of me needed to get rid of it and who’s birthday I have missed. Idleness was uncomfortable.

It has been 20 days since my last post and my last log on on 28 Jan 2016. ( feels like a rehab confession)  I did the obligatory polite birthday thank you.

I have learned a number of things :

  1. I am definitely  more productive and managed to complete the book list next to my bedside- this proves the theory
  2. I do not constantly check and log on – which was my addiction
  3. My battery life on my smartphone is 50% better since I have deleted the app. Again, the theory works
  4. My data lasts longer #winning
  5. I have used twitter more effectively for work and LinkedIn
  6. However I have noticed that LinkedIn is starting to turn into a Facebook as well.
  7. The content on social media sites are different by different brands and I do miss the event happenings on Facebook especially when it comes to my children and family outings.
  8. Some of my apps use Facebook to log in so I re-logged in. I have now deactivated my account.
  9. I do not miss the mindless updates from people that feel they constantly need to update their posts and need validation by a number of likes and comments
  10. The people that matter to me are still in contact with me and this for me was the biggest win
  11. There are still many ways to contact me
  12. y work and social life and safety have not evaporated. In fact the opposite has happened.
  13. I like not being accessible. It is liberating

Someone asked me how will I survive? I have and it feels great.

I am less distracted and less accessible; two things I took for granted and did not realize how important this was to me rather than instantly knowing everything happening. I choose when to be bothered. I have reached a point where I have decided to dedicate my time to me. All of me.

Phones have become personal assistants and I rely on mine a lot. For phone numbers and meeting reminders. I sleep with my phone by my side and it is the alarm that wakes me up. Never turned off.  .

My next point of call would be to start cutting out or decreasing all the channels ( Instagram as well as twitter ) but then that wouldn’t be clever in my line of work. Being part of a digital team, and having a keen interest in technology and what is going on, it is important to know.  However when will be key as I am now in control of the choice. I do not need a notification to know that I exist.

With all that being said, I am not  against Facebook. It has connected me with a lot of people and friends. I might occasionally log at some point later this year but right now it’s nowhere near the top of my list or important to me. Anymore.