CV Tips – do not do this

I am currently reviewing so many CV/Resumes and noticed that people don’t invest enough time on this.

It is your first impression! As soon as I pick up “copy n paste” text and bad spelling – I decline it. It’s that straight forward for me.


Use a great decent and standard font like Calibri or Arial or Trebuchet. Not like the one above. And please not use blue or green and red font colour. Stick with black.

No work experience

Please don’t say you have “No Work Experience” – even if you really don’t have experience, don’t put this on your CV. Be positive, add details about your passions, hobbies, sideprojects or other extra-mural activities.


Please keep background colour of your pages WHITE. Unless you applying for a web/graphic design position.

10 More Tips

  1. Use a confident tone and positive language
  2. Concentrate on your achievements not your responsibilities. This means listing things you have done – such as products launched, sales increase, awards won – not rewriting your job description. Quote figures whenever possible
  3. Make your most relevant experience and skills prominent to encourage the employer to read on
  4. Keep it to the point and concentrate on the quality of your achievements, not the quantity
  5. List other skills that could raise you above the competition such as languages and IT skills
  6. Your CV can be far longer than the normal 2 pages of a non academic CV but your first page should include all the best bits
  7. Check thoroughly for correct spelling and grammar – spotting errors is a quick and easy way of weeding out weaker candidates when faced with a mountain of CVs to read
  8. Appeal to your online audience, ensure you have relevant keywords in your CV
  9. Capture immediate attention, Prioritise the content and detail the most relevant information first. 
  10. Make sure that you include all Education and prizes awarded, research interest, funding awarded for research projects, other research experience and your publications. 

CV Tips

The purpose of the résumé is to help get you an interview.

  • And at the interview, remember that 40 percent of a hiring decision is based on personality.
  • No more than two pages. The average résumé gets read in 10 seconds
  • Avoid the fancy-schmancy layout, font, and other special effects. Stick to traditional font of Times New Roman, 9 to 12 point size
  • Use simple Word format
  • List your present, or most recent job, first, and then work backwards
  • Begin with verbs. “Managed company tax reporting, finance, invoicing, purchasing
  • Stories sell. Numbers, statistics, percentages get attention if you put in bold type.Increased profit by this 28%. Came under budget by 30%. If you were born and raised on chicken farm, note it on your résumé.
  • Use words that refer to titles- customer service, controller, manager, accountant,

Getting interviews is hard work. It requires tenacity, persistence, determination, and courage to thrust yourself upon people, even if that doesn’t come naturally to you.  No one likes being rejected. The sooner you face this reality and prepare for rejection, the sooner you will be able to find a job.

Some more tips from: Forbes

Cool CVs: Update

Good Morning, just to update you, I found 5 cool and creative CVs. I guess theses CVs’ would only add value within the respective field. Example: Web Design, Graphics, Software Development etc.

What do you think? Are these people doing it right? Or are they just taking cool and creative chances? 🙂