Today I read Chris Brogan’s post about overnight success. What hit me was:

“Success, you see, isn’t a mansion and a yacht. Success is living the life you want and doing the work you’re best at doing with the people you know will help you reach the next level. Success means working on projects that you know will fulfill a deep felt passion within you, and yet, will feed your family. Success is knowing that you’ve built a thriving network of people who all work hard to grow each other’s capabilities. Success means finding a next angle and vectoring your efforts towards growing that out. Success means having the means and capability to make better decisions. Success means getting home in time for dinner. Success means leaving the house when I want to, and staying home with the kids when I want to, all while making a future for my family.”


Stay Mindful

This afternoon I read a great post by Chris Brogan on “What we let slip away” and it’s true what he says:

“When time gets tight, we stop calling our friends. When our work gets busy, we stop doing those things that please us. When the world gets hectic, we shut big chunks of it out at a time. When our energy drops, so goes our courtesy. And yet, that’s what we need most. What we need most is what we let slip away. We need a robust network of friends and business colleagues, and yet we don’t do enough to keep them warm and close to us. We need to prospect for more work or more sales or more clients, and yet we buckle down on our work of the moment, forgetting (though we know it’s true) that it’s only temporary and that we’ll be hungry if we don’t plan for tomorrow.”

We forget relationships with God, family and friends, yet that is most important.

“Relationships are gold, and even if I can’t devote the same amount of time, I can place the same level of value on my relationship with you.”

To stay mindful:

  • List your goals clearly, and include your relationship goals.
  • Use reminders. Write lists. You aren’t expected to keep everyone in your head.
  • Make it a habit. If you’re not doing it daily, it’s going to fall out of practice.
  • Set up reviews. If you don’t schedule these, you’ll risk losing habits.
  • Make new goals and lists. Remember that living in the past doesn’t do anyone any good.

See full post here by Chris