I’m sorry Joburgers

I have been traveling to Johannesburg for a couple of years now every month. Being a “proud” Capetonian I always had this preconceived notion that Johannesburg is a terrible place. From the crime levels, to everything being so far apart, to the thunderstorms. From ALL Joburgers being materialistic with flashy cars to having no mountain and no beach.

It’s the people that surround us and our environment that mould us into this pre-judgdement or any judgement. Yes the traffic sucks and they live a rat-race but so do we (Capetonians).

What some of us fail to recognize and acknowledge are the social connections and the mingling in Johannesburg. Go look around, go out to the coffee shops and restaurants and look at the circle of family & friends. Now compare that to parts of Cape Town. It’s a small difference? It’s a different world I feel.

Couple of months ago I went to an Okkah Pipe bar near Sandton with a couple of friends. It was mind-blowing to say the least. There were Arabs singing an Arabic song (Karaoke), “black people” singing along, “white people” dancing with them, Chinese people smiling and the Indians were smoking. But they were all together – the real South Africa. Real pride.

At the end of the day that is what I want to teach my children and close family & friends. Stop sticking to your clicks. Start being open to others – their cultures, race, religion etc. etc.

So I’m sorry Joburgers. I do love you.


Cape Town Register Your Pets

Picture by lolgallery.com

In line with the City of Cape Town’s Animal Bylaw 2010, pet owners are required to register all dogs and cats kept on their property.

There are maximum numbers of pets allowable depending on the size of the dwelling/property. The prescribed numbers are as follows:

Type of Property Size of Property Maximum Number of Dogs/Cats
Dwelling Unit E.g. Flat/Duplex Two Dogs / Four Cats
Dwelling House Less than 600 sq m erf Three Dogs / Four Cats
Large Dwelling House More than 600 sq m erf Four Dogs / Four Cats
Agricultural Property Land zoned for Agricultural use Six Dogs / Six Cats

Should more than the maximum number of pets be kept on a property prescribed by the bylaw, the owner must apply for a specific permit to keep them. This permit application process commenced on 1 March 2012 and ends on 30 August 2012.

Owners can make use of two application options: via e-mail or manually via printed forms.

  • Electronic forms can be downloaded from the City’s website or requested from the following e-mail address: lawenforcement@capetown.gov.za
  • Printed forms can be obtained from any City Law Enforcement Office or local Public Library.
  • Online. This can also be reached by clicking on the pet registration link under ‘Campaigns and Programmes’ on the City’s website: www.capetown.gov.za

Through the registration process, using the same form, owners have the option to: 

  • register their pets if they do not exceed the current prescribed numbers
  • or register and apply for a permit (if the pet owner has more dogs/cats exceeding the prescribed number).

For more information visit City of Cape Town website.

Archery Classes in Cape Town

A beginners course in archery conducted by UK-based Archery for All is heading to Cape Town in April. Organisers have now opened the registration process for the five courses which will be held at the Ottery Islamic Society and Protea Archery Club in Retreat.

Archery is a sport as old as time itself and more importantly an important Sunnah which is unfortunately neglected in our time. Jehad Shamis, Head instructor at Archery For All institute, hopes to bring this workshop to the shores of South Africa and to breath new life into this Sunnah sport.

Booking for the Cape Town courses will be on a first come first serve basis at a cost of R450 per person. The course will cover topics such as; Introduction to archery, range safety, safe equipment handling, basic shooting technique and drills. Application forms can be obtained from info@archeryforall.co.uk

“Our aim is develop and promote the sport in Cape Town and South Africa in general, especially amongst the Muslim community, making this honourable and thrilling sport accessible to all,” Shamis said. The course will be open to all people – both male and female – over the age of 16. But if there are enough applicants for a junior class, this too would be considered.

“No prior archery experience is necessary; you simply need to turn up as all the equipment will be provided. I appreciate all the interest in this course and look forward to delivering this wonderful sport in Cape Town very soon,” Shamis said.

Each course will run for 50 minutes over five days, except for the final course.

“Payment is due in full at the first session and we can only accept cash payments. If you need to cancel your place, please notify us immediately, so that we can open the place for anyone on the waiting list,” Shamis explained.