About Me

Family first

10+ Years Experience in IT industry
5+ Years in Senior Management Role
8+ Years in Project Management

I’m Khalil Aleker. Born in 1982, Cape Town, South Africa. I am an Intrepreneur, Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Digital addict –  love E-Commerce, Internet Startups, Blogs and everything to do with Technology, Business, Marketing, Social Media & Leadership.

Full-time: Employee Engagement Manager at the Leading Business Intelligence Company in South Africa. PBT Group

Current Part-time Projects

  • Certified NLP Practioner & Life Coach & Mentor
  • Youth Leadership Speaker
  • Management Consultant for local Startups in SA and NGOs
  • Social Volunteer, Advisor
  • Neuroscience, Personal Development freak
  • Co-founder of AccidentalMuslims.com

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Or Email me: kaleker (at) gmail (dot) com


13 thoughts on “About Me

      • Mahmood Mirza says:

        MediConnect.pk is socially-motivated internet project, that will give people in Pakistan easy access to localized healthcare information – aggregated and organized – helping them make quicker, better-informed decisions. We’re building the initial prototype for beta launch while tying up partnerships with stakeholders – doctors, hospitals, clinics, sponsors, etc.

        In Pakistan where user sophistication is low and online behavior is not well understood yet, problem/opportunity definition for web projects is always a major challenge. But our main goal is to provide a new medium and help even a small segment of society think smarter, act faster, and demand more information from medical service providers.

  1. Abdul Waheed Patel says:

    Nice blog bro. Refreshing how frequently you keep it updated and evolving. Love it.
    PS: I am looking for assistance in setting up a password secure team blog (preferrably WordPress) for various collaborative initiatives I am engaged in and will continue to be engaged in in the foreseeable future. I recall that you once tweeted about a time theme for such a blog, but I cant recall the detail. What can you advise. How can you assist? If its something you can assist with in a Freelance basis, I am happy to talk about a quotation for me to consider to procure your expertise in helping me get started. Best rgards,

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