About Me

Family first

10+ Years Experience in IT industry
5+ Years in Senior Management Role
8+ Years in Project Management

I’m Khalil Aleker. Born in 1982, Cape Town, South Africa. I am an Intrepreneur, Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Digital addict –  love E-Commerce, Internet Startups, Blogs and everything to do with Technology, Business, Marketing, Social Media & Leadership.

Full-time: Project Management Consultant at a couple of corporates & startups in SA (Law, IT, Media)

Current Part-time Projects

  • Certified NLP Practioner & Life Coach & Mentor
  • Youth Leadership Speaker
  • Management Consultant for local Startups in SA and NGOs
  • Social Volunteer, Advisor
  • Neuroscience, Personal Development freak
  • Co-founder of AccidentalMuslims.com

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Or Email me: kaleker (at) gmail (dot) com

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      1. MediConnect.pk is socially-motivated internet project, that will give people in Pakistan easy access to localized healthcare information – aggregated and organized – helping them make quicker, better-informed decisions. We’re building the initial prototype for beta launch while tying up partnerships with stakeholders – doctors, hospitals, clinics, sponsors, etc.

        In Pakistan where user sophistication is low and online behavior is not well understood yet, problem/opportunity definition for web projects is always a major challenge. But our main goal is to provide a new medium and help even a small segment of society think smarter, act faster, and demand more information from medical service providers.

  1. Nice blog bro. Refreshing how frequently you keep it updated and evolving. Love it.
    PS: I am looking for assistance in setting up a password secure team blog (preferrably WordPress) for various collaborative initiatives I am engaged in and will continue to be engaged in in the foreseeable future. I recall that you once tweeted about a time theme for such a blog, but I cant recall the detail. What can you advise. How can you assist? If its something you can assist with in a Freelance basis, I am happy to talk about a quotation for me to consider to procure your expertise in helping me get started. Best rgards,

  2. Thanks bro, appreciate kind words, will email you soon the details and follow up meeting

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