Ego = Edging God Out


So I have been in my new HR role for about 9 months now and people are asking me “Khalil you’ve spoken to a few JHB and CPT consultants, surely you can pick up trends and challenges – what are they?” Well it’s really difficult to, but what I do know is EGO is the ENEMY.

Yes, ego is our problem and we all have it to a certain extent. Ego is your unworthy belief in your own importance. Now don’t confuse Ego with Confidence. Confidence is real. Confidence is earned. Ego is fake, Ego is something your grandmother told you, you can do? 🙂

Marina Abramovic, very well known performance artists –  said that “the second you believe in your own greatness, that’s the death of your creativity.” What I am saying is that ego stops us from doing our best work.

Ego stops us from giving credit to the people who really deserve it.

Ego allows the managers to take on more responsibility than they should.

Ego stops us from doing what is best for the client, project and for the company.

So are the solutions. I don’t know – I can think of 2 ideas though:

1.      We all heard of fake it till you make it. How about make it so you don’t have to fake it.

2.      And lastly – just try and be humble.

There is this book by James Kerr called Legacy. He studied The New Zealand rugby team, the world champions. Very interestingly what do you think they do every time they win a match or tournament?


They sweep – 2 or 3 of them literally sweep the floor. Why would professionals at that level do something so silly? Because they understand the importance of being humble, it helps them build character – that Glory is Fleeting – that ego is the enemy. While the country and parts of the world is celebrating their victory. While children are dreaming of being an ALL Black. These guys at the height of their achievement are sweeping the floor. The dust is always collecting – so sweep every day!

They have an internal mantra – better people = better All Blacks.

So I want you all to stand. Lift up your imaginary glass – repeat after me. Better People = Equal = Better [Your Company Name]


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