Technology is possibly the cigarette of this century


I’m back since February….Did not miss it but was trying to get rid of a bad habit.

The company that holds on to the monopoly of the mind, the habit, Wins!

I’m all for technology, gadgets and social media but I find that instead of embracing your life, focusing on your dreams, career & life goals. Instead of being super productive and present with your family – – – we so busy watching, commenting, liking and disliking the lives of other people.

Psychologists and founders of tech, social media companies are using this model of the HOOK to build these habits.

Technology is possibly the cigarette of this century. Meditation and being mindful is going to be one of the most important skills.

I see it with young graduates already. They struggling to spell (WTF), they find it difficult to focus and sometimes not even present.

Stop auto-complying with the tribe. Dare to do great things, live up to your true potential and surround yourself with positive people…

Keep well, Eid Mubarak!

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