Pushing Authority to Information

I noticed some managers / team-leads are under stress and they don’t know but they might even suffer from “decision fatigue”. There is this book by David Marquet, “Turn the Ship Around” where he explains in most organisations people ‘at the bottom’ have the information but not the authority to make the decisions. So we create systems & put processes in place for management to make the decisions and then it filters down.

Problem is this takes time, depending on team size, managers at times could miss the context and information, team members are frustrated, client as well L

What if instead of pushing the information up to authority we push authority down to information? Think about it… The model will be slightly different though…

We ensure the people who are closest to the information have the:

  • Technical Competence – they have the skills to execute
  • Organizational Clarity – they understand the impact, priorities and know it’s the right thing to do

In this way all decisions to not have to go up to authority and back down for execution. The execution time is reduced, team feels more empowered and managers can go enjoy a nice dinner with the family?


So for managers the only way to assess employee competence and clarity is to give a little authority slowly slowly… let me know what you think… always good to dream 🙂

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