Uber works for me and your business

Past couple of years now I have been traveling to Johannesburg (JHB) from Cape Town (CPT) quite often.  2 years ago I used Avis Point2Point to pick me up from home or office and take me to Cape Town International Airport. We then hire a car in JHB to travel to and fro. And then back again from CPT Airport to home using Avis Point2Point.

Avis Point2Point costs about R460 – R550 per pickup (depending whether CPT or JHB). That is about R920 – R1100 for a special taxi service per trip.

Then last year (2015) I thought about saving some costs to the company and looked at parking my car overnight at the Airport. 2 nights at Cape Town International Airport is about R470 – R540.

Last week I thought why not use Uber having used it a couple of times personally. It was the exact same service offering as AvisPoint2Point.

Cost = R81,64 for first pickup from home to Airport and then Airport to home was R86,02 = R167,66

That’s a saving of over 80% just one business trip. Imagine 12 – 15 trips per year. Imagine everyone else using Uber for your business?

p.s – I am not affiliated with Uber at all. It can be expensive at times but I think it’s worth exploring…

Transport Options (2 nights travel – return trip)



1 Avis Point 2 Point Transfer


2 Park your Car at the Airport (2 nights)


+-51% (1)

3 Uber


+-65% (2)

+-82% (1)

You can select where drive must pick you up
Let me know if you need help with the Uber app. And how it works. It’s pretty simple. You also get an estimate before requesting or accepting the offer.

By the way I never waited longer than 3 minutes for my driver to come via Uber. Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s not 🙂

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