Don’t forget to say “Thank YOU!”

Some of us as Line or Team Managers forget to show some gratitude towards our team members. A simple “thank you” will mean so much yet underrated in our little book of management essentials.

We sometimes forget that expressing gratitude isn’t just good for the team or individual you’re thanking — it’s actually good for you too! People who say thank you are happier. It feels good to help other people feel good. We are human beings after all, I think.

It’s like a self-perpetuating cycle; the more positivity you spread, the more is out there to come back to you.

It helps build trust, strengthen relationships and builds loyalty. So I’m sure you know all this already – just in case let me give you a few ideas:

  • Be specific. Don’t just say “thank you” while walking past her/him – that will just be weird. Say something like “ I am really thankful that you worked this weekend, really appreciate it.”
    Be genuine
  • Be old school. Write a sticky note or if you cannot fathom saying the words “thank you” in person – send an email (last resort!)
  • Don’t say thank you and then follow it up with “can you work overtime again this weekend” or “do me another favour”
  • Don’t say thank you from a team perspective by using the royal “we”! It’s ok to be personal and authentic

Try and let me know – will make things so much easier for me 🙂

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