I’m sorry Joburgers

I have been traveling to Johannesburg for a couple of years now every month. Being a “proud” Capetonian I always had this preconceived notion that Johannesburg is a terrible place. From the crime levels, to everything being so far apart, to the thunderstorms. From ALL Joburgers being materialistic with flashy cars to having no mountain and no beach.

It’s the people that surround us and our environment that mould us into this pre-judgdement or any judgement. Yes the traffic sucks and they live a rat-race but so do we (Capetonians).

What some of us fail to recognize and acknowledge are the social connections and the mingling in Johannesburg. Go look around, go out to the coffee shops and restaurants and look at the circle of family & friends. Now compare that to parts of Cape Town. It’s a small difference? It’s a different world I feel.

Couple of months ago I went to an Okkah Pipe bar near Sandton with a couple of friends. It was mind-blowing to say the least. There were Arabs singing an Arabic song (Karaoke), “black people” singing along, “white people” dancing with them, Chinese people smiling and the Indians were smoking. But they were all together – the real South Africa. Real pride.

At the end of the day that is what I want to teach my children and close family & friends. Stop sticking to your clicks. Start being open to others – their cultures, race, religion etc. etc.

So I’m sorry Joburgers. I do love you.

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