I’m depressed


Today I was approached by someone… saying “I’m depressed, overworked!”


Called him and discussed a couple of things:

1) Your inner world creates your outer world. Your thoughts lead to feelings, which leads to actions > then results. So if you thinking negatively, your whole world around you will be negative.

2) Practice Self-Talk – you will be surprised but what you say to yourself affects you so much. So try and think about implementing some general positive self-talk daily. Example: – “I can do this” – “I apply my wisdom every day” – ” I am adding value” ” Well done” – Try it for a month and see.

3) Gratitude Switch! – our mind prioritizes negative actions, thoughts, results over positive. It’s default. But we can fix that. When you experience a tough assignment, task or challenge at work / life, always flip the gratitude switch. Example: Let’s say you off to work in the morning and you order a coffee somewhere and it spills all over your clothes. Your first reaction could be frustration, inconvenience and even anger at times. How about taking a deep breath and be in gratitude. Think about the opportunity of having a job, a reliable car, the luxury of even buying coffee, your good health, eye sight? Once you think about all this (what you have in life) – somehow the problem you face seems minuscule. Try it.

4) Multi-Tasking does not exist?! We all know this is not working. We tend to jump from one task or project to another. Doing a bit of this and that with no real focus. So there is something called attention residue. Every time we jump from one thing to another we create attention residue which causes your performance to diminish = unproductive work. Feeling hopeless? Be careful.

5) Time-Blocking – we living in an age of mass distractions. With social media, mobile notifications, Skype, email etc. Switch if off in 90-minute blocks. Block it out.

6) Use of words – try and replace the word problem with “challenge” or “situation” – problem is a negative word. Re-frame it. Think positive. Block out negative words.

7) Shut Down! – I advised that he shut down completely from work daily. Give it a time 6pm where you shut down – don’t touch your laptop or anything work related to sustain that balance. Honour your rest phase! It’s imperative.

Any other advice you have for him?

Thanks for your time


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  1. Also maybe focus on other things in life – not just work. Take time out to feed your spiritual side; indulge in some (healthy) hobbies, etc.

    All of those things will help focus his attention on things that bring him happiness and inner contentment…rather than focusing on his work-related depression and how to solve it.

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