5 Enemies of Unity


1. Poor Communication

We need to communicate effectively. Poor communication makes people nervous – when there is a problem or an issue we tend to withdraw or delay communication. Even if you don’t know the answer or solution to the issue – by just keeping your team and client up to date, will enforce trust. Be real and authentic. We all don’t always have it to together. Nobody is perfect.

Communication good news and bad. Try not communicate when you angry though. You going to regret it. Reaction and venting without thinking about what you communicating is dangerous.

2. Don’t Gossip!

Our world is fueled by gossip. Look at the magazines in your nearest supermarket, TV and on the internet. Gossip is something that pulls teams apart instead of pulling teams together. If we can resolve and understand what is appropriate to talk about and what is not, we could resolve half of our problems.

If you have an issue with a peer or manager address it with respect and profession. Gossip creates distrust amongst our teams and the company.

So what is gossip? Remember this! Gossip is discussing anything negative with someone who cannot help solve the problem.

3. Unresolved disagreements

If we have two colleagues walking around with animosity because the ‘situation’ did not get dealt with or manager was not in the loop – this animosity will build up and flow over to other projects. Even worse it will affect others in your team.

It will go on so long for years to come that people will even forget what the original issue was. This affects your work!

Managers need to be attuned and lean in to know what’s going on and to have the courage to address this situation with both parties. Not one on one. Both of them! Conflict is not comfortable. You will see that when both parties are in same room trying to resolve the issue. The issue won’t be that big a deal. I hope.
Be a human, be understanding and respectful.

4. Lack of a shared purpose

Whether Sales or IT or HR we need to articulate and communicate our mission and vision because if we don’t, we going get individuals who are only concerned about themselves and not the team. We going to get people who work for the monthly salary only or their Friday 15:30 – Weekend baby!

Sessions with teams reminding them about our mission and vision is not time wasting. Its investment.

5. Sanctioned incompetence

What frustrates me is that sometimes managers are spineless in holding people accountable for not doing their job. And I speak to myself first. It’s hard but we need to do this.

If we give someone a ‘pass’ i.e not holding an individual accountable for not doing their work – other peers and team members see it and so everybody settles for the lowest common denominator of what is allowed. This is a recipe for mediocrity.

Post was inspired by EntreLeadership Podcast I recently listened to

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