Thank you Mom and Dad

khalil aleker

While both of you are alive and breathing I just want to say thank you! I have been a parent for just under 2 years and oh my! It is rewarding and an amazing feeling one just cannot describe. However its the opposite as well…

Aziza and I have sacrificed a lot for your grandchildren. Each other, our friends, money, quality time together, movies, date nights, fine foods, clothes, shoes, gadgets, bags and so much more. They say being a parent is loving your children more than loving yourself and that is 100% correct. I really see that now.

I see the energy, time and insane patience you had for me today. I did not know how much you loved me until I became a parent myself. Sometimes Aziza and I feel like we are running an insane asylum, but the other half of us feel that its our purpose, our mission in life.

We have been tired, exhausted and full of poop at times but we still smile. This weekend I missed my friends wedding because your grandchild was moody and did not want to go anywhere. 2 days ago I spent 30 minutes turning chairs upside down, pushing it, playing “choochoo train” with him! It’s crazy!

Sometimes I feel like hitting them when they mischievous – but the very next second I want to hug and kiss them.

What kind of love is this? Surely this is true love. A love of a parent. If you loved me this much or even a little less – I want to thank you! I will not be able to repay you. I probably destroyed your ambitions and dreams a bit or a lot. I want to thank you! I stressed you out emotionally and physically – I am sorry but I thank you!

You probably had many meals cold and slept little awkwardly. Eish – sorry but I thank you! I love you!

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  1. So beautiful & so well said…..and trust me as they (kids) get older you will appreciate what your parents went through even more.

  2. I am awestruck. Your words brings me to tears. What fine man you are. Shukran for sharing. May Almighty Allah grant you abundance in good health love and happiness. In shaa Allah Ameen

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