Infographic: South Africa’s Most Expensive Website

SA expensive website_khalilaleker

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  1. Lol I didn’t even know we had a Presidency website, yet alone a Flickr page, YouTube account and two Twitter accounts!!
    And its despicable that a third world country spends so much money on a website 90% of the country will never see as they don’t have access to a computer yet alone the internet.

    1. LOL Sunny I stay in the Free State SA, and i would say that at least 70-90% of people here do have a computer with internet or at the very least have access to one! And 99% do have a cellphone with internet! We really don’t stay in little huts between wild animals in the open field. lol. The thing is though that no one here really cares anymore coz mostly complaints simply gets swept under a rug or falls on deaf lazy ears. Everybody is simply out to fill there own pockets! I bet you know most of the money spend on that website didn’t even go to the design company. Probably just in to the already very deep pockets of the people in charge….. But you are right, 90% of the people wont see the site coz they just don’t care to read more useless crap. Plus they to busy reading other crap on FB on their phones and PC’s. I can’t remember nicely, but i think i read somewhere (useless crap – guilty lol) that the average person here has something like 4 phones at home) lol.

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