Cape Town Register Your Pets

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In line with the City of Cape Town’s Animal Bylaw 2010, pet owners are required to register all dogs and cats kept on their property.

There are maximum numbers of pets allowable depending on the size of the dwelling/property. The prescribed numbers are as follows:

Type of Property Size of Property Maximum Number of Dogs/Cats
Dwelling Unit E.g. Flat/Duplex Two Dogs / Four Cats
Dwelling House Less than 600 sq m erf Three Dogs / Four Cats
Large Dwelling House More than 600 sq m erf Four Dogs / Four Cats
Agricultural Property Land zoned for Agricultural use Six Dogs / Six Cats

Should more than the maximum number of pets be kept on a property prescribed by the bylaw, the owner must apply for a specific permit to keep them. This permit application process commenced on 1 March 2012 and ends on 30 August 2012.

Owners can make use of two application options: via e-mail or manually via printed forms.

  • Electronic forms can be downloaded from the City’s website or requested from the following e-mail address:
  • Printed forms can be obtained from any City Law Enforcement Office or local Public Library.
  • Online. This can also be reached by clicking on the pet registration link under ‘Campaigns and Programmes’ on the City’s website:

Through the registration process, using the same form, owners have the option to: 

  • register their pets if they do not exceed the current prescribed numbers
  • or register and apply for a permit (if the pet owner has more dogs/cats exceeding the prescribed number).

For more information visit City of Cape Town website.

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