Kikkomans Soy Sauce is NOT halaal


Not really a sushi eater, in fact not at all. Tried it so many times 😦 – My wife really loves sushi! Don’t mean to kill your sushi buzz but I don’t think the Kikkomans Soy Sauce is halaal.

See below a friend emailed me response from them:

You are welcome to investigate further – just thought I’d let you know. I am sure there are Halaal Soy Sauces around. Keep well 🙂


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  1. Brother, I appreciate your efforts to make sure we steer clear from haraam products but I would seriously advise you to get an actual Fatwa from a recognized/qualified sheikh before you declare this product to be not halal…when you make bread it produces alcohol too…would anyone say that bread is not halal?!!! Just saying..

    1. Salams
      – you may investigate yourself
      – there are halaal soy sauces
      – I’m just looking out for you 🙂

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