My Birthday

Today is my birthday. YAY! 😦 I actually stopped celebrating my birthday years ago. 1 year older, 1 year closer to death. What wisdom is there in showing happiness when a year has decreased in one’s life?

I also think a birthday is a day of thought, a day of reflection, a day of ponder, a day of gratitude, of appreciation and a lessons learned day. A day where I contemplate on how I could make things easier for my family and friends, how I could get closer to God, how I can make a difference in other peoples lives. A day where I reflect on what I have achieved this past year. Hopefully more good than bad. More positive than negative. Both for this world and the hereafter 🙂

Thanks for the well wishes and prayers. Hopefully the best of my past, will be the worst of my future, God-willing!

Thanks for reading guys & girls.

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  1. I know the feeling…mine is in a month and 2 days and I’ve also been feeling..well…
    Happy Birthday!! Hope it turns out to be a happy one 🙂

  2. I guess are going to have to feel this way some time or the other.

    Mubarak brother. May The Almighty bless you with lots of Baraka, Ghair, Rizq, Good health and May he guide you to always remain steadfast on the path of righteousness Inshallah. Hope you had a lovely day brother.

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