Perceptions on Islam & Muslims in the UK

iERA – (I S L A M I C E D U C AT ION & R E S E A R C H AC A D E M Y) conducted a survey on Perceptions on Islam & Muslims in the UK. A statistically robust sample of 500 randomly selected Non-Muslims representative of British society interviewed. This was done by contracted Non-Muslim interviewers via face-to-face street questionnaires to encourage open, honest answers.

Quite interesting results indeed.

To download full report and study click here

“ Who is better in speech than one who calls to God, works righteousness and says ‘I am one of those who submit’? – Quran – 41:33

“Islam is probably one of the most misunderstood religions. Every person has a rich heritage and individuality that require acknowledgement and understanding in order to form meaningful relationships, and for many Muslims their religious heritage is interwoven into everyday life and forms part of who they are. A failure to understand and reflect this leads to marginalisation and conflict, sowing the seeds for a polarised society, and Britain is no different.”

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