Business Data on Mobile Devices

Company executives should consider making their business data available on mobile devices so that they can make decisions on the go. The time spent on mobile devices increased by 28,2 percent in 2010 and is rising faster than any other medium, according to the Industrial Development Corporation.

This makes mobile business intelligence a key are of future investment. Cor Winckler, technical director of PBT Group, said there will be a shift from using mobile phones just to stay in touch to using them to receive data that will inform business decisions on the road.
PBT Group is one of the leading business intelligence and information specialist groups in South Africa, enabling businesses to intelligently analyse data and deliver value.

“But you need to decide what sort of information can fit into a cellphone.”

He said some presentations could not be clearly viewed on cellphones because of the size of their screens. Winckler said iPads had an advantage over cellphone in this respect. “If I am able to know the weather today and how shares are performing on the JSE on my cellphone, why can’t I know how my sales representatives are doing on the ground,” he said. He said executives were always on the move due to the changing nature of the business environment, therefore being able to access key company dashboards in real time and make on-the-fly decisions might set one business apart from the other.

“People are already using cellphones and the information we need is already there. It just needs to be put on the web,” he said.
Winckler said companies only need to decide which people will have access to the data and then put security systems around it.“Instead of having to sit and open a laptop why don’t you get the data from your cellphone.”

Martin Rennhackkamp, chief operating officer at PBT, echoed Wincklers views: “The appetite is there, especially in the retail and telecoms industries, it just comes down to the realisation by corporate SA that they can enhance the power of mobile and use their existing data warehousing investment to bring additional value to the company.”

Press Release by Penwell Diamini for Sowetan Business

P.S – I am employed by PBT Group


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