Rock Your Business South Africa

Rock Your Business is an interactive, fun, extreme event where you will get the knowledge you need to fast track your results.

An international business conference called Rock Your Business will be coming to Capetown in March. Held in 5 global locations in 2011 the aim of the conference is to find a South African entrepreneur and business that has global appeal and assist that business to attain its dreams of becoming international.

Run by global transformational organisation –Rock Your Life – the conference will aim to find stand out entrepreneurs from South Africa over a three day period that will be a combination of Harvard style education and American Idol competition. Rock Your Life Chairman Mike Handcock will be present to run the event supported by a team of international consultants and entrepreneurs.

Participants can expect to be challenged and will need to create attraction for their ideas amongst a pool of participants keen to show off their business acumen and ideas. “It’s a fascinating process” Handcock states “Some businesspeople give up on their ideas and team up because they see brilliance in others. Others who are obscure to start with end up shining.”

“Rock Your Business is a hands on full immersion experience. You will love it but at times it will be challenging. We allow you to experience all that you will in the real world of business in just a few short days.” say Handcock

Rock Your Business in Cape Town, 18 – 20 March 2011

Action Takers – 2500R + Booking Fee – First 15 Participants only

Book here now!

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