Jayz TV is launching!

A new online WEB Video Series called Jayz TV will be launched on Monday, 4 October 2010, and it will be a daily video show of about 10 minutes. The show will run Monday to Friday, where Jamaal Khan plans to focus on Web 2.0 as a concept, explaining it and unpacking it.

He will cover Social Media and Cloud Computing, starting with foundational concepts, then progressing into advanced topics. Jayz TV will go into discussing the psychology behind the success of Facebook, Twitter and other Social Online Tools.

As part of Jayz TV, Jamaal will read certain excerpts from the books he has, and then talk about those concepts. Viewers will be able to discuss them on the Jayz TV blog, or on Facebook and Twitter.

You might want to check out these lists  that he compiled: Books Worth Reading, eBooks Worth Reading.

Jayz TV will most likely not be fixed to one location though, so you can look forward to seeing shows at various venues.

Spread the word South Africa, and be sure to check out tv.jayz.co.za on Monday, 4 October.

Jayz TV

Jayz TV Jayz TV


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