Delivering Happiness Book Review

I was fortunate to be selected as one of the bloggers who was sent an advance copy of Hsieh’s book for free to review as well as a second copy of the book which I gave to a dear friend of mine Jamaal Khan, CEO of Jayz.

As Johathan Fields says: “in his new book, Delivering Happiness, you get a deeper look into how that curiosity and willingness to stand with rather than above those who’d eventually help build his empire formed what he views as the essence of success.

It’s not about the product, systems, logistics, branding or positioning, but rather culture.

Actually, it IS about all these things, but the culture and the mission define how each of these elements is brought to life. Delivering Happiness is chock full of business nuggets, but it’s not a heavily tactical book. It’s not a how-to book, full of checklists and strategies (there are some), but rather a look at the bigger picture core drivers.

You won’t learn to write copy, set up a marketing funnel, design systems or persuade customers to buy. But, you will learn how to focus on the deeper stuff that lays the foundation for doing all those things on a level that drives cult-like loyalty, evangelism and eventually, success on a much larger scale.”

Interesting Terri Griffith says that: “For the first 54 pages of Delivering Happiness I could have been reading about any Silicon Valley 24 year-old entrepreneur with a success under his belt. The next 189 pages WOWed me. This isn’t just CEO Tony Hsieh’s story, but rather a transparent look at Zappos through thick and thin, and what the company has learned along the way. Many CEOs tell their stories after the fact. Tony Hsieh and Zappos tell their story as it develops. From Twitter (@Zappos, @dhbook) to the CEO/COO blog, I’ve had the chance to follow the story for a while (hiring & on-boarding, marriage to Amazon, starting a movement). With Delivering Happiness, I feel like I’m getting to play a part. I see the questions the Zappos community asks itself and I want to reply.

This is more than transparency. This is engagement. The folks at Zappos engage with their:

  • customers – a hallmark, see p. 145 describing their call center approach
  • vendors – see p. 187 where Fred Mossler describes how they came to give the same info to vendors as they do to their buyers
  • future hires – they’re working on this one, but they want to build relationships, beginning with college freshmen, leading to internships and possible hires (p. 199)
  • job candidates – the incredibly interactive interview process includes questions like “If it was your first day on the job at Zappos and your task was to make the interview/recruiting process more fun, what would you do for those eight hours?” (See Christa F.’s story starting on p. 169)
  • employees – for example, open town hall meetings, the value put on recognizing/knowing fellow employees (the login-in “Face Game” and even how the building entrances are set up, p. 150), and the famed Culture Book (p. 134).”

For me the most complete review is by Tanveer Naseer. Thanks Tanveer… saved me alot of time… 🙂

Enjoy the book! It’s worth it!

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