7 Lessons From the Volcano Shutdown of 2010

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1) Trains are Good

With European airlines grounded, stranded passengers scrambled for a seat—any seat—on a train. Yes, the old-fashioned, maligned, frumpy train is suddenly the most popular kid in school. And for good reason. Trains are more comfortable than airplanes, more likely to arrive and depart from city centers, with better food, no turbulence, less draconian security, and an actual view of the scenery. And, of course, trains could care less about some giant cloud of volcanic ash. What’s not to like?

2) Airports Make Lousy Bedrooms

Just in case you were wondering.

3) Acceptance is the Only Sane Response to a Situation Like This

When faced with a near-total shutdown of European air travel, there are two possible responses. You could fret, fume, vent and grind your teeth, haranguing the airline staff as if they were personally responsible for the volcanic eruption. Or you could accept the inevitable and belly up to the airport bar for a Bloody Mary, or two, until the ash dissipates. My money is on the latter option.

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SOURCE : http://www.worldhum.com

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