Poken: Update

Peace and Hi all!


Way back this year I told you about the Poken. A tool for social networking that can be used across many social networking platforms.With your Poken you instantly connect with new friends across online social networks when and where you meet them. The poken hand pulls out of the body, revealing a USB connector. Insert the USB connector into any computer with web access to easily upload your new contacts to the Poken web database.

The disadvantage, for me, was that it was not appealing to Corporates and Professionals. It was created for young students and graduates. It looked too playful and fun. doyoupoken

Well now PokenPulse just launched. Found the niche and creating Pokens for business people.

Room for an endless list of contacts, an integrated 2 GB USB Memory Stick, upgradable firmware and free use of the Poken web services: it’s the ultimate business gadget.

Selling for 29 Euros. Bit steep?

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