Trust Wallet – CrowdSourcing

This is a really interesting presentation/video from Innotribe Conference 2009. What are your thoughts? Shows the importance of your social networking communication, interaction and your social online character.

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  1. CrowdSourcing is something that the open source community has known about for many years. i.e. The collective knowledge of the group, or crowd, is a very powerful tool, and has been wielded, very effectively, by open source developers to enable them to compete with large budget software houses.

    However, using my Facebook/LinkedIn/whatever profile to establish my level of trustworthiness is simply crazy! Facebook, for example, as far as I’m concerned, is a toy. I play with Facebook. I have fun with Facebook, and my conduct on Facebook in no way whatsoever reflects the way I conduct myself professionally.

    1. Thanks Mike – for the comment. But surely Facebook and Twitter is more than just play. It’s about interaction on both personal and professional levels. Why do you so many companies and NGOs using Facebook and Twitter for marketing, sponsorships, leads and thus building communities. I use Facebook and Twitter for mostly professional means. Interacting with others, sharing content, news, technology – lessons and experiences learned , networking etc. Yes for Facebook, I also have some casual conversations with family and close friends…

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