Online Business Card – Dooid

This online business card tool is quite impressive. Dooid is clean, simple and elegant. Great features as well. It took me about  3 minutes to compile my online business card.

The feature I like best is the “guest password” option. I add my mobile numbers and business email address, however I don’t make it public for everyone to view, it depends on me of course. Hence the option for a viewer/guest to enter a password supplied by me to view my personal and protected contact details.

There’s also the ability to download the V-card, import all details to your address book. And obviously the RSS feeds.


You may also Map your location, choose cool themes, your interests and most importantly add your Company Website, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other network tools and links. It caters for most of the social networking applications, if not all.

Hopefully soon they’ll add the Salam Business Club profile too 🙂

emailsigYou may also add a Widget to your blog or website and even include an Email Signature by specifying what details to include. It’s extremely easy to use I must admit.

Themes are beautiful and plenty, you may create your own color scheme and add your own picture, artwork, photo.

There’s a newscloud feature, similar to a Status Update on Facebook. You may link the newscloud to your Twitter updates as well.

Interests: You may add a maximum of 9 Interests – funky tags.

Check it out:

By far the best Web 2.0 Business Card I have tried.

O yes, you get to choose your username as well. Secure yours! Like me! For FREE!

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