Ramadan Time

I have been missing for a few days I know, apologies. Been busy at work and in the evenings working on Salam Business Club. Also helping out with a new initiative – The Colab – exciting working with young, talented individuals.

Anyways, it’s Ramadan time. Yesterday I managed to view a diagram about Ramadan on Facebook – what you should do and shouldn’t. To be honest it’s misleading. Wish I knew who produced this diagram.

ramadanTo me or in my opinion – it seems like AFTER RAMADAN, it’s OK and acceptable to:

  • Not to lower your gaze at the opposite sex
  • Swear, Lie and Backbite
  • Commit Sins, Argue and Fight
  • Listen to Music
  • Smoke
  • Waste time on useless activities

Well it’s not. We should try to stay away from the above at all times, every day of every year.

And of course every day we should try:

  • And pray 5 times daily
  • Read the Quran
  • Study and Learn Beneficial Knowledge
  • Be in constant remembrance of God, the Almighty, and prayer
  • Give to charity when possible, anytime!

To all my Muslim readers and visitors. All the best for Ramadan 🙂

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  1. Asalaamu alaikum brother, May Allah grant us the blessing hidden in the blessed month approaching. What you say is true, staying away from evil and things which waste our time is for every day, but some times are even more sacred than others and Allah has created these more sacred times for good reason, to aid us when we become weak the rest of the time.

    So someone who does not pray regularly gets a special chance to revive their prayer, and someone who has a problem with lowering the gaze gets a special opportunity to learn this noble quality.

    Allah is most wise in how He(swt) has portioned out times. We ask Allah to grant to us that the noble qualities which we nurture especially in Ramadhaan remain with us for the rest of the year, from one ramadhaan to the next. Allahumma Baarik Lanaa fee Sha’baan, wa balighnaa Ramadhaan.

  2. Asalam-o-alaykum,

    A great diagram that kind of summarizes the whole do’s and dont’s of Ramadan and ofcourse in Ramadan, things which are usually halal become haram for a certain period, so we have to be extra cautious.

    And you’re right abt the fact that some actions should be done beyond the time of Ramadan…and not just be part-time Muslims…but anyway, it’s a good way to get started, and then stay motivated ahead for the rest of your life InshAllah.

    Great post and I’m probably going to steal your diagram =] if you don’t mind that is.

    May this Ramadan only bring forth numerous blessings for the rest of the Ummah. Ameen.

  3. Asalamu alaikum and Ramadan Kareem to everyone.

    For some I guess it’s a reminder for doing things right, and Yes it may be miss-leading but it actually didn’t say not to do those things after Ramadan either. So we just remind our selves.. as Allah sais in Quran ul Kareem..

    “And Remind for verily a reminder benefits the believer”(51:55)

    Take the time to contemplate upon this beautiful statement, insha’Allah.

    Ramadan Kareem

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam Brother Marek

      Come to think of it – you right 🙂

      All the best for Ramadan too

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