Publish Your Own Board Game and Sell it!

250x250_circleWell you know you can practically do anything online by now. The Game Crafter allows you to create your own custom made cards or board game. Whether it’s a religious, educational, financial, political or even strategy (if you creative enough) – you name it.


Once you create your own game, you publish and then sell it to the world. Good luck! 🙂 There are no up-front fees, hidden costs, or any contractual obligations.Perhaps you could make one for your family, or maybe you a Teacher and produce one for your students.


All of the games are manufactured on demand. This means that as soon as you place the order it goes into an automated queue to be manufactured and shipped to you. How quickly it gets through that queue determines how quickly you’ll get your game. Depending upon the volume of orders they receive at any given time it will take between 1 and 5 days for your game to be ready to ship out to you.

Have fun, great idea – or rather creative idea… Let see if this works out.

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