Chalk Board Mug

MugClever Idea: Spoon Sisters brings to you a mug… not any mug though. Imagine making coffee or tea for your loved one in the morning before leaving to work and then you just write a small love note, or thank you, or sorry note on the mug? I’m sure you’ll score some points for later in the day or evening 🙂

Don’t forget to buy the chalk… Mug going for $10.

Nice gift indeed

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  1. i wonder if the surface is smooth or textured?
    it would have to be textured for you to write on it with chalk, but how does that feel against ones lips when sipping.


  2. Mug is simply a drink but yours truely does not really mean made of ordinary chalk, i suppose. One needs to shake the emulsion for dispersion, a sure drug, don’t you think so?

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