Poor Service? Then Use Social Networking?

LogosSo we all have experienced Poor Customer Service no matter what. But why suddenly we feel it more since Twitter or Facebook? Are we more sensitive now more than ever since we are sharing our feelings, personal interests, passion, work & love life with our “Twamily?” Do we expect big corporates or businesses to respond to us via Twitter or any other social network?

I have experienced poor service indeed. Firstly Standard Bank. I wanted to close by business bank account since January this year. Sent an email – they asked me to come in to the branch with the rest of the business members. So we did. Then the consultant asked that we just send a letter of closure via email. The next Monday I did. No response. Then I sent a “secure message” via online banking. No response. Well after 5 months they eventually closed the bank account after charging me monthly fees which I refuse to pay.

Budget Insurance. Well, firstly their online policy management service never works, then you want to notify them about it via email. No email on their website. Ok, then you complete an online form via their website. “Error” – so that week I changed to Dial Direct. Great Service, and R100 cheaper!


Well my friends above certainly not happy with their service. Some of them even dedicated some time & effort blogging about it, like me 🙂

So, should all businesses be on Twitter? Are we too sensitive now in this Social Networking Era? or are SA companies just sucking in their service?

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