Oberlin College Interview

Yesterday I was interviewed by Lauren Abendschein, Researcher & Lecturer for the Oberlin College in US: Manager of the Creativity, Leadership & Entrepreneurship Program.

It was interesting indeed & really great to see her passion & love for Entrepreneurship in her eyes. Next week she’ll be in Durban and then fly off to India and Brazil lastly.

LaurenLauren to sum up my point yesterday with my little experience:

“Entrepreneurship is throwing yourself off a cliff, and building a plane on the way down” – Reid Hoffman

  • Mindset – A few “Visionary” Entrepreneurs I know think of money or finance first then their idea & execution of it. Wrong! Think about your idea, strategize, plan, ponder, reflect, semi-implement it with any finance you can get then think of money. Let us change our mindsets!
  • Culture – We have a culture of going to school, then college, then find job, get married, have babies and live happily ever after. No! “find a job” is wrong, let’s think of becoming the Employer first, rather than being the Employee by default.
  • Mentorship – Instead of funding us, grant us Free Mentorship Programs, Free Office Space, Free IT Infrastructure or Discount on it at least… Free couple of months of Internet… 🙂
  • Lastly, Funding – Yes, Yes…funding we do need. But teach us how to pitch to Investors, how many of our company shares to distribute?

Thanks for the chat!

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