Dear Zuma…

Dear President Zuma,

Hope you well and in high spirits,


On Sunday you promised to set up a toll-free hotline where citizens can lodge complaints. Nice one…

Here’s another excellent idea: based in UK lets residents all over the UK pinpoint problems, which are then sent to their local council to deal with. After entering a postcode or location, users are presented with a map of the area. They can view issues that have already been reported, or add something they’ve just spotted, simply by clicking on the map. The site is free to use!

The local councils fixed paving slabs, got rid of redundant estate agent signs, filled pot holes and removed graffiti.

mySociety’s Tom Steinberg: “We hope the website will make the process of reporting faults more efficient, possibly reducing the number of individual reports that councils receive because people will be able to see that their neighbours have already made the call.”

FixmyStreetDefinitely the most efficient way for residents to request repairs, and it makes sense for local governments to encourage citizens to be their eyes on the street. If you’d like to influence how your own local government works, this is one to copy to your country, state or province! Making it easy to get started, Neighbourhood Fix-It gives free access to the website’s source code too.

Regards and all the best!

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Analysis of Complaints


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