Twitter: Follow.Learn.Embrace!

Twitter StatsIn Dec 2008 I joined Twitter. At first glance I thought what the hell? It’s for people who are so bored with their lives, who have no jobs, looking for jobs or people who hate their jobs.

In Jan 2009 – 2 Followers! I just didn’t get it.

In Feb 2009 – 0 Followers – I thought a Facebook, cheap version-rip-off

In March 2009 – I actually started following the right people. The great Profs, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Change Agents,Programmers, Marketers, Writers  and Internet Junkies…

I spent time reading, learning,smiling,crying, laughing and embracing. Embracing the power of social news, social marketing, social change, the social web = social community acceptance and love.

I have learned more in the past 3 months on Twitter than in my 5 years on the Internet.

Dear Twitter, thanks for the Experience. Dear Readers, a few followers to follow:

@khalilaleker – me? 🙂

@riyadh – CEO of Salam Business Club, Germany

@ismail – Founder of

@nomadone – Great Local Web Designer

@jamaal_jayz – CEO of Jayz Solutions

@naeem_coza – SA Entrepreneur

Mashable’s18 Twitter Professors to Follow

ThinkVitamin’sThe Most Interesting People to Follow

Wired 100 Geek’s to Follow

Digital Labz 100 Web Designer’s to Follow

Thrilling Heroics10 Travel Ninja’s to Follow

Sociable Blog100 Followers for Entrepreneurs

Communications Catalyst50 People to Follow

Enjoy, Follow, Learn and Embrace…. 🙂

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