An Awesome Conference


Registration: Room for improved but well managed!

Catering and Facilities: Excellent, wasn’t sure if the food was halaal though?

Speakers & Program: Excellent, inspiring and truly motivational. Time Management was good too.

Overall Experience: Awesome! 🙂

Arthur GoldStruck – “Instead of a Digital Mascot, become a Digital Watchdog!”

Peter Flynn – “All software will ultimately be web-based”

Herman Heunis – “Just when you think life’s a BITCH, it has puppies”

Henk Kleynhans – “Only become a VC until the shit is kicked out of you”

Dave Duarte – “Industrial Economy vs. Attention Economy – prevalence vs. relevance!”

Mike Stopforth – “Code is a Commodity, Community is Priceless”

Hannes van Rensburg – “Being an Entrepreneur is not about making money; it’s about living your passion & dreams. It’s a about seeing something that no one else can see.”

Andrew Smith – “Importing is like sex, difficult for the first time, thereafter it becomes easier”

Charl Norman – “Content = Traffic = Revenue”

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