Arrived Ok!

ArrivedOK lets air travelers automatically alert others about their arrival at their destinations. Schedule your flight at with the destination airport, expected arrival time, your recipient phone numbers or emails. ArrivedOK tracks your cell phone in the mobile network when you turn it on after the landing. Then it instantly sends ‘Arrived OK’ messages to the list of your recipients.

arrived-okIf you ever traveled by air, you know what people in an airplane do when it’s just landed and ruling to the ramp. Everyone grabs a cell phone to call or send an arrival message to somebody — mother or father, wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, colleague or boss. You probably do it too: “Arrived OK”. It is not very informative but it is very important. Because someone who cares is waiting for it. Or you want to make your colleagues in the office jealous about your vacation in Thailand 🙂

stepsBased on patent-pending technology, ArrivedOK works by detecting its subscriber’s mobile phone when it is registered in a local GSM network. ArrivedOK allows sending personalized arrival alerts to different groups of recipients, and enables subscribers to save on international roaming charges when traveling abroad.


New message from

John Doe (+14082478825) arrivedOK in Frankfurt.
Hey, I’m on my way home! Miss U!


Great idea… Not yet in South Africa. Who’s going to help launch it here?

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