Confession & Regret

I have a confession to make to my dear friends,followers and blog visitors. The only book I have ever read in my life from beginning to end was Richard Branson’s “Business Stripped Bare”. I know it’s unbelievable but believe it. My concentration span when reading is very limited. My mind drifts and I always ended up skipping pages. Hence it took me 5 months to complete this book.

Richard's "Business Stripped Bare"

The book was inspiring, motivating & gave me insight to a truly Spirited Entrepreneur. The way he trusted his peers, to the risks he took and still taking –  most importantly the way he treats people/staff.

Yes they say never live with regrets… but this is one regret I’ll have to live with, but hopefully learn from. To all the young & old readers out there. Embrace the book, fiction or non.

The first verse revealed in the Quran and to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)  was “Iqra” – Read! And the last word revealed was “Faith”.

Make sure your reading leads to faith…


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  1. I know this problem, I had a similar problem years ago. I think it’s a sign of creativity and being restless and not some other issue. Creative (I don’t think I’m that creative) and restless (that’s more me) people tend to be impatient, not wanting to waste their time with useless or uninteresting things, books, discussions etc.. We want to get the main and important information extracted in as little time as possible and tend to skip pages and discussions that seem uninteresting to us.

    You need to focus on one single issue, eliminating all distractions and pausing all other projects that have a lower priority (in case you have started multiple ones at the same time). That’s what I did and ever since I actually get things done. I also stopped reading 8-9 books at the same time and instead I’m concentrating on one and try to finish it within 10-12 days.

    1. My family is the type you find perusing bookstores, and has a magazine or book in the car for those unprepared moments that leaves u with free time. My mom enrolled me at the library at the age of 2! Yes, i know!!!! i grew up surrounded by books, pictorials, stories, philosophy and literature, and for most of my life fiction has been escapism. Years on, all i seem to read are handbooks, study material and none fiction. If i want a story i’ll watch a movie, if i want to learn something i’ll pick up a book.

      If “business stripped bare” was brilliant enough to hold your attention for the ONE book that you’ve read, its definitely going on my reading list.

      Reading may be one way to learn, however with technological advancements we now have audio books 🙂

  2. The 4-Hour-Workweek thing is mostly crap. The only thing the author does is tell you about his achievements, throughout the whole book, and tell you that the secret lies in digital products (ebooks etc.) and that you should sell and outsource all the work related to it to 3rd-world countries. I read it, completely, hoping to learn something new or useful but basically he’s just telling us to create a profitable product and let others do the work. Since you’re already involved in Entrepreneurship etc. you won’t learn anything new as the info in it is mostly old…

    Try Malcolm Gladwell’s books, they’re much more interesting and valuable as they relate to the real world, especially “Outliers” and “Tipping Point”…

    1. Thanks Rias for the feedback. Will stay away then. I think Zappos CEO, Tony should write a book. He is good at what he does. I emailed him about his presentation on – and he immediately sent me the presentation plus he’l even post the Zappos Culture book to me – Customer Service at his best!

      Wonder If he, himself responds to the emails… pretty great turn-around time

      Anyways 🙂

  3. After thought…

    For the moment, the only thing i’m reading is google reader 😛
    it’s everything i like… just for me… in one place 🙂
    Geek Love <3… *insert accelerated heart rate* 😉

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