Compare Grocery Prices Online


You probably know you can compare shop stores and brands online to find your best buy. Now for the first time, you will soon be able to compare deals when it comes to grocery stores – and not just for one item on your list.

A new company,, will take your individual shopping list and show you where to get the best deal. Gerald Buckley has big ideas, most of which are posted on the walls of his office. They keep him focused on the prize – his website called – where you can actually comparison shop grocery stores. Gerald quickly learned there was comparison shopping for everything BUT groceries. And, it’s no wonder – there are about 36-thousand grocery stores nationwide, each with 120-thousand items. But, he finally figured it out and will be up and running by the end of the month.

Gerald’s idea won the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award last year in Tulsa. That gave him money, a downtown office and business coaching. Customers are already signing up for all over the country because the site does more than comparison shop.

“We something very cool. We match digital coupons to the grocery list. So, you don’t have to go out and find all of these things, we do all of that hard work for you.”

Something to duplicate in South Africa??

Courtesy: New Website Will Save You Money At The Grocery Store []

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