Marketing in 4 Steps

The first step is to invent a thing worth making, a story worth telling, a contribution worth talking about.

The second step is to design and build it in a way that people will actually benefit from and care about.

The third one is the one everyone gets all excited about. This is the step where you tell the story to the right people in the right way.

The last step is so often overlooked: The part where you show up, regularly, consistently and generously, for years and years, to organize and lead and build confidence in the change you seek to make.

by Seth Godin

Gratitude = Productivity?

Neuroscience has proven that highly-productive people are extremely grateful for what they have. Gratitude is proven to increase productivity by these prestigious universities:

  • Yale studies say a gratitude journal will result in higher alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness, and energy.
  • Harvard studies indicate gratitude improves health and strengthens relationships.
  • UC-Berkeley research indicates a gratitude journal improves sleep and decreases illness.
  • Columbia University research says gratitude improves the immune system, while reducing anxiety and/or depression.

Research proves gratitude increases happiness; and happiness increases productivity. Thus, gratitude improves productivity:

Being grateful for what we have is one of the fastest way to not only increase productivity, but overall quality of life.