What is a “smart” syringe? By 2020, you’ll be getting all your shots with one

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An outbreak of HIV that traces back to syringe reuse has rocked the village of Roka in Cambodia.  Photo: Marc Koska/LifeSaver An outbreak of HIV that traces back to syringe reuse has rocked the village of Roka in Cambodia. A Buddhist monk and several school students are among the infected. Photo: Marc Koska/LifeSaver

In the small village of Roka in western Cambodia, 272 people have tested positive for HIV since the end of 2014. Among those diagnosed: an 82-year-old celibate Buddhist monk, several babies and 19 members of the same family. This tragic outbreak has been traced to a source: Yem Chrin, a popular medical practitioner who operated without a license in the village. While he was — and, to some extent, still is — beloved by many in the village for treating those who couldn’t afford to pay, it has come to light that he reused syringes from patient to patient, spreading the disease shockingly quickly.

Marc Koska visited Roka earlier this month with a camera crew from the BBC

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What if I fail?

What if I fail

Internet IPOs : Where Are They Now? – Infographic

Internet IPO Where are they infographic
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Why you need medical aid in South Africa?

One month before the birth of my second son I asked my wife why I have medical aid. Such a waste of money. It’s expensive! Even with the Discovery Classic Delta Saver option.

My actual words ” I haven’t claimed anything from medical aid in almost 10 years”

One month later, my wife goes into pre-term labour – some complications and the baby arrives 7 weeks premature.

Fortunately this time around we signed up for Gap Cover from Old Mutual to cover costs that Medical Aid does not cover.

Check this out…


Be careful. What puzzles me though — how does average man/woman handle this. People who don’t have medical aid in South Africa?




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